National War

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National War
The time has come for you to defend your kingdom and everything that you hold dear.

The first National War will take place on the 28th of September, at 20:00 (GMT+3) It will be a weekly event, taking place every Sunday at 20:00 (GMT+3)

To participate you will have to be at least level 80. The rules are simple : the first Kigdom to reach 250 kills will be declared winner. You will be able to revive 10 times, after that you will be automatically kicked out of the map.

Besides the bonuses that every player from the winning kigdom will receive, there are a few more that only those that participate in the war will earn.

The participants from the winning Kigdom will receive a Potion WarriorPotions.png in their Item Shop Storage The Potion WarriorPotions.png can grant one of the following bonuses:

  • Strong against monsters 20%
  • Experience 20%
  • Item drop 20%
  • Yang drop 20%
  • Half human 10%

The potion lasts for 24, from the moment you receive it.

  • Once the event is over, Tincture of Kingdoms will be deactivated for 24 hours.

You join at this event from Battle Bailiff
Battle Bailiff.png