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Body Warrior
Image Skill Description
Aura of the Sword.png Aura of the Sword Increases Attack Power for a period of time.
Berserk.png Berserk Only concentrate on attacking.
30px-Dash.png Charge You attack as fast as a Bullet!
Sword Spin.png Whirlwind Spin the sword to attack several enemies.
Three-Way Cut.png Shaolin Stance Cut the enemy with lightning speed.
Thunder Strike.png Thunder Strike Enfuse your blade with a mighty thunder to strike down your foes.

Mental Warrior
Image Skill Description
Bash.png Tiger Bash Attack enemies directly.
Spirit Strike (W).png Spirit Strike Attack enemies directly.
Strong Body.png Taichi Increases defence and you won't fall on the ground.
Stump.png Lion Stomp Knock over several enemies.
30px-Sword Strike.png Sword Strike Attack enemies directly.
Lightning Stomp.png Lightning Stomp Attack on multiple targets.