Alastor's Lair

Alastor's Lair.png

Alastor's Lair

In this map you can find the Alastor Leader.
You can find the drop in Nordic Chest Nordic Chest.png
Here can you see the drop of leader.

  • Access tickets: Nordic Parchment.png Nordic Parchment
  • Another information about this dungeon

- Level limit: 1 - 30 Fighter
- Waiting time: -
- Duration: 120 minutes
- Strongly ag: Leaders
- Resistence: Ice
- Alastor's Respawn: 5 hours

  • Careful! This dungeon is global, and PvP is not allowed.
  • Careful! You will be able to enter in this dungeon with only one character.
  • You need a group of 2 - 8 persons.