Beginners Event

General informations

  • This is a special event for new players who want to join the Origins2 server.
    • All new accounts created during when the event is active, benefit from several gifts.
    • CAREFUL! Only accounts created when the event is active will benefit from this.
  • Once the event is started, you will have the following icon at the bottom left of the screen: Beginners Event Icon.png
  • The event is a special one, it is announced both on the forum and on discord when it is active.
  • All items from this event will not be negotiable, including the dungeon drop.
  • In addition to the benefits of this event, you also have the apprentice chest that you receive regardless of whether this event is active or not.

How does it work?

  • This event have a multiple stages, more precisely 3. For starters from level 1, will be have unlocked 4 of the benefits for beginners.
  • All you have to do is increase the level to unlock another stages from this event.
  • The equipment will be automatic depending on your race and gender.

Stage I (from level 1)

  • Beginners Costume and Hairstyle.
    • Bonuses: Strong against Monsters +15%, Strong against Metin Stones +10%, Strong against Leaders +10%.
    • Duration: 7 Days.

Begginers Event Costumes and Hairstyles.png

  • Beginners bonuses.
    • This affect give you these bonuses: Strong against Monsters +10%, EXP +50%, Yang drop +25%, Defence +100.
    • Duration: 7 Days

Beginners Event Affect Bonuses.png

  • Companion Egg
    • You will receive a one Companion Egg, more exactly a Monkey Egg.
    • This Egg give you random stats, like a normal eggs.

Beginners Event Companion Egg.png

  • Skills
    • The first ability on the character that will have 17 points, will be made automatically P.
    • You will automatically receive the M1 Leadership ability.

Beginners Event Skills.png

  • Buffs Help
    • For 5 days you will find in your inventory the 4 buffs abilities for a faster evolution.
    • You will only be able to use these 4 skills on your own character!
    • Buffs have 150 INTELLIGENCE POINTS.

Begginers Event Buff Help.png

Stage II (from level 30)

  • Biolog reset
    • You will receive x25 Monocle of time Monocle of time.png, with which you can reset time of missions from the biologist.

Beginners Event Biolog Reset.png

  • Young hero weapons
    • At level 30 you will receive the mission of young heroes through which you will be able to choose one of the two weapons depending on the your character.
    • This weapon its more good than a classic level 30 weapons.
    • Duration: 7 Days.

Beginners Event Young Weapons.png

Stage III (from level 40)

  • Alchemy
    • At level 40 you will receive legendary matt alchemt +4.
    • The bonuses of this alchemy will be the same for all players.
    • Duration: 7 Days.

Beginners Event Alchemy.png