Biologist quests

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You can get these quests from Biologist Chaegirab.

  • The quests help you to improve your stats and will give you other valuable rewards.
  • You have to finish the previous quest in order to start the next one.
  • You can raise the chance of succes by using Researcher's Elixir.png Researcher's Elixir.
  • You can eliminate the time with The monocle of time.png The Monocle of Time, you found this object only in item-shop.
  • You drop the Biology Book.png Biology Book at the Metin Stones.
Level Object Cooldown Prize
30 Ork thoot.png Orc Tooth 10 Minutes +5 Strong against monsters.
40 Curse Book.png Demon's Keepsake 10 Minutes +10 Strong against metin stones.
50 Demon's Keepsake.png Curse Book 10 Minutes +10 Strong against leaders.
60 Ice Marble.png Ice Marble 10 Minutes +100 Attack value.
70 Zelkova Branch.png Zelkova Branch 10 Minutes +1000 Max HP.
80 Tugyi's Tablet.png Tugyi's Tablet 30 Minutes +20 Chance for EXP bonus.
85 Red Ghost Tree Branch.png Red Ghost Tree Branch 30 Minutes +10 Reducing damage caused by the player.
90 Notice of Plague King.png Notes of the Leader 30 Minutes. +10 Increasing damage to other players.
92 Bad jewelery will.png Bad Jewlery Will 1 Hours You can choose between:

1) +1000 Max HP.
2) +10 Strong against half-humans.
3) +10 Strong against leaders.

94 Jewelry wisdom.png Jewlery Wisdom 1 Hours You can choose between:

1) +1500 Max HP.
2) +5 Attack magic / Sword attack.
3) +10 Strong against monsters.

105 Razador Diamond.png Razador Diamond

Nemere Diamond.png Nemere Diamond
Jotun Diamond.png Jotun Diamond
Darkness Diamond.png Darkness Diamond
Plague Diamond.png Plague Diamond

1 Hours Heroes Ring.png Heroes Ring

- Rezist vs half-human +10%
- Strong vs half-human +5% Time: Permanent