Catch The King

General informations

  • On during the event in the game under the mini-map will be present Cathe the King which can be viewed with a simple click on Event Buton.png.
  • You can drop King Card.png King Card Card from all monsters but there should not be a difference of more than +/- 15 levels between you and the monster.
  • After you collect 25x King Card.png King Card you receive a King Deck.png King Deck.

How does it work?

  • If you want to start the game, you need 1x King Deck.png King Deck and 150.000 Yang (150k) Yang.png
Catch the King Event Start.png
  • Discover as many books as possible and collect points. Catch the King (K) all of a sudden on the last move to collect 100 points. If you collect at least 10 points, you can collect a prize at the end of the game.
  • You can bet up to 5 King Packs each time you play, collecting the same number of chests as a reward. Remember: The number of cards you play is fixed; it is not influenced by the number of bets bet. Once the game has started you can no longer withdraw the bet King Bets.
King Deck Game.pngKing Deck Game Used.png

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Rules Catch the King

  • You always start with the smallest book. An arrow will tell you which book can be chosen.
  • By clicking on it, the book will appear in the 'My Book' box. In subsequent rounds, cards of the same value will be moved automatically.
  • Turn any card face down on the game board and compare with your own.
  • If the value of your card is higher, you will receive points equal to the value of the one discovered and you can return another card from the board.
  • If it has the same value, you will receive the points and your turn ends. Keep playing with a new card in the pack.
  • If the value of your card is lower, you will not receive any points. Your turn ends and you will play with a new card.
  • If the value of your card is 5 and the face-down card you discovered is still 5, your card will be captured. Your turn ends and you don't get any points.
  • If the value of your card is the king (K) and you catch the king on the board in one go, you get 100 points. The game ends after this move.
  • Bingo! If you discover all the cards in one row, you get 10 extra points.
  • If you have collected at least 10 points, you can collect your prize by clicking on 'Your Reward'.

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  • The book discovered is 1: +10 points
  • The book discovered is 2: +20 points
  • The book discovered is 3: +30 points
  • The book discovered is 4: +40 points
  • The book discovered is 5: +50 points
  • The book discovered is K: +100 points
  • Discover all the cards in one row: +10 points
  • IMPORTANT! Several King Packages can be found in King's Booty. Make sure you open the prize before the event ends because all the King Books and Packages will disappear and you will be left empty handed.

If you disconnect or leave the map while playing Catch the King, you will automatically lose the reward and the card pack (s) started.

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  • For each deck of cards played, the chests are received according to the score as follows:

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