Hunting Quests

Hunting quests are normally found every new level. In these missions you must kill different monsters or metin stones and as a reward you will receive a certain amount of yang.

Level Mission Reward
10 2x Lykos
2x Scrofa
2x Bera
2x Tigris
Yang.png 100.000.000 Yang (100kk)
20 10x Metin of Black
10x Metin of Darkness
10x Metin of Jealousy
Yang.png 125.000.000 Yang (125kk)
30 15x Bestial Captain Yang.png 150.000.000 Yang (150kk)
40 100x Metin of Shadow
5x Cheif Orc
Yang.png 175.000.000 Yang (175kk)
50 100x Metin of Devil
5x Proud Demon King
Yang.png 200.000.000 Yang (200kk)
60 5x Giant Tortoise
5x Nine Tails
50x Metin of Death
Yang.png 250.000.000 Yang (250kk)
70 5x Flame King
5x Ghost Tree Lord
100x Metin of Murder
Yang.png 300.000.000 Yang (300kk)
80 5x Death Reaper
2x Azrael
100x Metin Jeon-Un
Yang.png 350.000.000 Yang (350kk)
90 2x General Yonghan
2x Beran-Setaou
2x Mighty Ice Witch
Yang.png 500.000.000 Yang (500kk)
100 1x Razador
1x Nemere
25x Metin of Gloom
25x Metin of Ember
25x Metin of Vanity
25x Metin of Calamity
25x Metin of Malice
Yang.png 800.000.000 Yang (800kk)