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Blade-Fight (Stealth Combat)
Image Skill Description
Ghost Attack.png Ghost Attack Approach an enemy from behind and make a deadly attack.
Fatal Strike.png Fatal Strike Approach an enemy fast and make a deadly attack.
Poisonous Cloud.png Poisonous Cloud Make poisonous clouds around the enemy and intoxicate them.
Spinning Dagger.png Spinning Dagger Whirl around enemies with a dagger.
Stealth.png Stealth You can hide yourself.
Swift Charge.png Swift Charge Precipitate your enemies with a qucik forward charge.

Image Skill Description
Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower Shoot several arrows at one enemie.
Swiftness.png Swiftness Lighten the body to increase moving speed.
Flaming Arrow.png Flaming Arrow Ignite the arrow.
Toxic Arrow.png Toxic Arrow Anoint the arrow with powerful poison.
Repetition Shot.png Repetition Shot Shoot several arrows at one enemy.
Power Orb.png Power Orb Summon an energy orb to damage your enemies.