Origins Stones

General informations

  • This event it's active in every wednesday from 20:00 to 21:00 GMT+3.
  • The event consists in destroying the Origins Stones.
  • You can acces this event at Uriel and you need to be at least level 50.
    • Careful! you can participate on this event with one character!
  • Every 10 minutes a new spawn of metins will appear.
  • In this map to have a best drop you need to give only more HITS in Stones.
  • Origins Stones needs only AVG and Attack value for damage. Other bonuses will not applied for this Stones.

How does it work?

  • Once the event has started, you have to enter the special map at Uriel and destroy Origins Stone.
Origins Stone.png


x2.500 ~ Enchant Item.png Enchant Item

x1 ~ New Dews.gif Dews
x100 ~ Enchant Item+.png Enchant Item+
x150 ~ Clam.png Clam
x150 ~ Cor Draconis (Rough).png Cor Draconis (Rough)
x150 ~ Refinement Crystal.png Refinement Crystal
x150 ~ Enchanted Plant.png Enchanted Plant
x150 ~ Enchanted plant+.png Enchanted plant+
x150 ~ Fine Cloth.png Fine Cloth
x15 ~ Half-human Fish.png Half-human Fish
x15 ~ Metin Fish.png Metin Fish
x15 ~ Leader Fish.png Leader Fish
x15 ~ Monster Fish.png Monster Fish
x6 ~ Monocle of time.png Monocle of time
x6 ~ Shop Expansion.png Shop Expansion
x10 ~ Leaders Chest I.png Leader Chest I
x10 ~ Leaders Chest II.png Leader Chest II
x5 ~ Leaders Chest III.png Leaders Chest III
x3 ~ Gold Bar (100,000,000 Yang).png Gold Bar (100,00,00 Yang)
x150 ~ Key Fragment I+.png Key Fragment I+
x150 ~ Key Fragment II+.png Key Fragment II+
x150 ~ Key Fragment III+.png Key Fragment III+
x3 ~ Magic Stone.png Magic Stone
x2 ~ Ritual Stone.png Ritual Stone
x1 ~ Hot Lava Stone.png Hot Lava Stone
x1 ~ Aura Fire Rune (100).png Aura Fire Rune (100)
x1 ~ Aura Fire Rune (250).png Aura Fire Rune (250)
x1 ~ Aura Fire Rune (400).png Aura Fire Rune (400)
x200 ~ Energy Fragment.png Energy Fragment
x50 ~ Energy Fragment+.png Energy Fragment+
x5 ~ DR Voucher (1).png DR Voucher (1)
x1 ~ Ring of Joy.png Ring of Joy