Pet System

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Pet Names

When you click with the right mouse button on a Egg, a new window will open called "Incubator" where you can chose your pet name.
This will cost you 100.000 yang.
Pet names need to have between 4 and 20 characters.
Pet names are not unique (several pets can have the same name).

Game rules apply as usual when choosing pet name.

Pet User Interface

To access pet user interface you can press "P" on your keyboard, while pet is active.
Information about the status of the attendant will be visible to you immediately after you hatched the egg.
IMPORTANT! From level 1 you will know what percentage your pet gives to you from the 3 bonuses and with how much percentage will grow at the levels that are mentioned on it.


Level: Shows pet current level (pets can reach owner's maximum level (1-120).
Experience: Shows the ammount of experience the pet has.
Age: Shows how old the pet is.
Duration: The red bar shows how much time the pet has left, it refills when pet is feeded.
Evolve: Button that opens the evolve window.
Bonuses: Bonus given by pet when active.

  • HP
  • Strong against monsters
  • Attack

Skill: Pets can have up to 3 skills, these are only unlocked in the last Heroic Stage.

Stages and Evolving

While leveling your pet, at certain key points the pet can evolve to a different stage, the requirements are as follow:

Stage Level Requirements
Young 1-40 No requirements - all freshly hatched eggs
Wild 41-60 To evolve the pet you need: (5) Petbook1.png • (10) Whitepearl.png • (25) Bless.png
Valiant 61-80 To evolve the pet you need: (5) Petbook2.png • (10) Bluepearl.png • (25) Bless.png
Heroic 81-105 To evolve the pet you need: (5) Petbook3.png • (10) Redpearl.png • (25) Bless.png


Pet skils are unlock on the last stage, the number of skills unlocked is set upon hatching of the egg and can be 1, 2 or 3 skills. The skills can be active or passive.
Passive skills are always present and it's effect is displayed on top left corner with an icon. Active skills are triggered automatically on specific situations, active skills have cooldown.
You can choose the pet skills by reading the wiched Pet Skill Book.
After your pet has learned the skill, a "+" will appear in the skill, to evolve it each skill level will require Yang.
Skills can be evolved up to level 20.
You can get the Skill Books for pet by opening Petbookchest.png.
You can get the Monsters Resistance Book.png Monsters Resistance Book from the Sung Mahi Tower and Forest Spirit Dungeon!
There are 11 different skills to chose from!

Icon Skill Book Skill description
Resistance.png Resistance (Warrior) Petredbook.png Resistance (Warrior) Resistance to Warrior attacks (passive)
Resistance.png Resistance (Sura) Petredbook.pngResistance (Sura) Resistance to Sura attacks (passive)
Resistance.png Resistance (Ninja) Petredbook.pngResistance (Ninja) Resistance to Ninja attacks (passive)
Resistance.png Resistance (Shaman) Petredbook.pngResistance (Shaman) Resistance to Shaman attacks (passive)
Resistance.png Resistance (Lycan) Petredbook.pngResistance (Lycan) Resistance to Lycan attacks (passive)
Berserker.png Berserker Petredbook.pngBerserker Book Attack value increased (passive)
Haste.png Haste Petredbook.pngHaste Book Skill cooldown reduced (passive)
Restoration.png Restoration Petbluebook.pngRestoration Book HP will be restored as soon as it drops below 20%
Bulwark.png Bulwark Petredbook.pngBulkwark Book Physical damage is blocked (passive)
Yang Drop.png Yang Drop Petredbook.pngYang Drop Book Yang drop rate is increased (passive)
Resistance (Monsters).png Resistance (Monsters) Monsters Resistance Book Small.pngMonsters Resistance Book After learning this skill, your companion will offer resistance against monsters. (passive)

Pet Apperence

Name Egg Boss
Monkey Egg
Monkey Egg.png
Monkey Egg.jpg
Spider Egg
Spider Egg.png
Spider Egg.jpg
Razador's Egg
Razador's Egg.png
Razador's Egg.jpg
Nemere's Egg
Nemere's Egg.png
Nemere's Egg.jpg
Blue Dragon Egg
Blue Dragon Egg.png
Blue Dragon Egg.jpg
Red Dragon Egg
Red Dragon Egg.png
Red Dragon Egg.jpg
Bat Egg
Bat Egg.png
Bat Egg.jpg
Hydra Egg
Hydra Egg.png
Hydra Egg.jpg
Elf Egg
Elf Egg.png
Elf Egg.jpg
Akzadur Egg
Akzadur Egg.png
Akzadur Egg.jpg
Frank Egg
Egg Frank.png
Frank Egg.jpg
Lover's Heart Egg
Lover's Heart Egg.png
Lover's Heart Egg.jpg

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