Dragon Force
Image Skill Description
Blessing (normal).png Blessing Protect your partner or yourself with a protection circle.
Dragon's Roar (normal).png Dragon's Roar Attack enemies with a dragon figure.
Dragon's Strength (normal).png Dragon's Strength Strengthens you or your partner's attack.
Flying Talisman (normal).png Flying Talisman Throw a talisman to damage enemies.
Reflect (normal).png Reflect Protect your partner or yourself with a reflecting circle.
Shooting Dragon (normal).png Shooting Dragon Shoot a dragon figure to attack enemies directly.
Meteor (normal).png Meteor Summons a meteor from the sky.
Healing Force
Image Skill Description
Attack Up (normal).png Attack Up Strengthen a partner.
Cure (normal).png Cure Heal wounds with the aid of light.
Lightning Claw (normal).png Lightning Claw Summon a Thunderbolt to your fist.
Lightning Throw (normal).png Lightning Throw Attack with Thunderbolts.
Summon Lightning (normal).png Summon Lightning Summon Thunderbolts from the sky.
Swiftness (normal).png Swiftness Run as fast as the Wind.
Aether Ward (normal).png Aether Ward Protects party members against damage every 12 seconds.