Snake Temple

Snake Temple.png

Snake Temple

In this dungeon you can find the Serpent Queen Nethis.
Here can you see the drop of leader.

  • Access tickets: Snake Temple Tichet.png Snake Temple Tichet
  • Another information about this dungeon

- Level limit: 15 - 30 Fighter
- Waiting time: 6 hours
- Duration: 2 hours
- Strongly ag: Leaders
- Resistence: Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth

  • You need a group of 4 - 6 players.
  • The following races are required: Ninja, Sura, Shaman and Lycan

Snake Curse

Snake Curse.gif
ATTENTION! Throughout this dungeon the snake curse will make its presence felt.

First floor

To advance to the next floor, you must kill all monster, which appear at regular intervals.
CAREFUL! to the order and type of the monsters.

Second floor

Destroy the 4 Snake Stones in the correct order.
There is 4 type of Snake Stones with different element (fire, ice, wind and earth).
CAREFUL! If the Snake Stones are not destroyed in the right order, all of the stones will appear again.
The order is different in every new dungeon.

Third floor

Destroy all stones.
CAREFUL! The order matters.

Forth floor

Kill all the monsters and get the Serpent Key. Put the Serpent Key on the Snake Pillar in the right order.

Fifth floor

Kill all the monsters and the 2 Mighty Serpent Warriors to advance on the next floor.

Sixth floor

Kill monsters and get the snake fragments.
There are 4 types of snake fragments (fire, wind, ice or earth).
In each corner of the room there is a Snake Head, depending on the type of dropped snake fragment, put it on one Snake Head.
CAREFUL! Each Snake Head can only be opened by a certain race (ninja, sura, shaman, lycan) depending on its element.

After opening the 4 Snake Heads, Queen Nethis will appear.
Once killed, each member of the group receives the following rewards:

  • - (5) Serpent Treasure.png Serpent Treasure
  • - (1 - 5) Will Topaz.png Will Topaz