The Sura is a fighter who came in possession of magic forces when they agreed to let the devil seed grow in their arm. Therefor they are able to swing swords in close combat skilfully, or attack from a distance with black magic.

By specialisation they improve either attack magic or acquire additional strengthening magic.

Sura Render (M).png


Weaponry-Sura are very strong in general PvP and duels. Through his skills and enormous punch damage. He also plays a big role in general PvP with his skill (Dispel).

In PvM his damage is not as high as the Lycans or the Body Warrior.

But it has a higher protection and with his enchanted blade it can absorb HP (recommended in the Meley dungeon).

Magic Sura prove their strengths in duels, through the protection and the low cooldown of the skills.

Weaponary Sura skill (suggestion)
VIT= 90
INT= 90
STR= 90
DEX= 61

Black Magic Sura skill (suggestion)
VIT= 90
INT= 90
STR= 61
DEX= 90


Weaponary And Black Magic.