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Transmutation of your equipment allows you to change the look of your equipment.

Transmutation application steps

  • Go to Theowahdan.
  • Speak with him and choice Transmutation.
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  • Read and accept warnings.
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Example Transmutation Page.png

  • 1. Select the object whose appearance you want to change.
  • 2. Select the object to be used for the new layout.
    • You will receive a warning that the object will be destroyed.
  • Press the button Accept.png to begin the process of transmutation.
    • You will be asked if you want to complete the transformation process.
  • After confirming the change, the object used to render the new aspect will be deleted and the other will appear in the inventory. You will recognize it by a small distinctive symbol in the upper left corner.
  • The transmutation applied to an object can be removed by the following methods:
    • You can use the Transmutation Reversal Transmutation Reversal.png, you find this object at General Store Saleswoman.

ATTENTION! to the order in which you place the objects. The object placed in the blue window will be destroyed and cannot be recovered


This system has certain limitations:

  • Only objects of the same type may be used:
  • The object can be equipped if both objects are intended for the same class and the same sex.
    • Armor transmuted with a (F) costume, we can wear only by (F) character.
    • A weapon for warriors can only be equipped by warriors.
  • When you transmutation an object with temporary validity, the validity will remain even if you transmutation the object.
  • When a temporarily valid object is used to transmutation a permanent object, the time limit will be removed.


How much does the transmutation cost?

The transmutation costs 50.000.000 Yang Yang.png.

When I buy items can I see if they have been transformed?

You can recognize an object transformed by the symbol in the upper left corner of the object.
Transmutation Item.png
By moving the mouse cursor over the object you will have displayed which transformation is active in the instrumentation.
Transmutation Item Text.png

Be careful when buying an item, check if it fits you and you will be able to equip it.
Can other players recognize if an item in my equipment has been transformed?

No, your opponents will only see its shape after the transformation. They will only notice when you attack them that the weapon is doing more damage or that the equipment offers more protection.

What happens if I decide to improve an object?

If you decide to upgrade or craft a transmuted item, the transmutation of the object will not disappear. So you can craft or upgrade any item that has a transmutation.

Do the statuses / bonuses on an object used for transformation apply to the transformed object?

No, only the aspect is transferred, without statuses or bonuses.

Can I transform an object that has already been transmutated?

Yes, you can transform an object whenever you want, every time the look will change.
Just go to Theowahdan again and start a new transformation.

The transformation is lost if I use it Stone Handbook.png or add Stones on weapon or transmuted armour?

No, transmutation is not lost in this case.

But if I use Enchant Item.png or Reinforce Item.png?

No, transmutation is not lost in this case.

Can I transmute a binding item?

No, it cannot be transmuted.