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BattlePass Information

BattlePass ticket BattlePassTicket.png can be purchased from ItemShop.
Once purchased, with the help of BattlePass Ticket BattlePassTicket.png , you can activate it. After you enabled it, under minimap you will see BattlePass icon BattlePassIcon.png. BattlePassMiniMap.png

Once you clicked that button, BattlePass window will open.

BattlePass Mission & Reward's

Level Mission Informations Drop
1) Farm Yang Farm (1kkk) Yang.png from any monster 10x DR Voucher (1).png
2) Collector Drop Enchant Item.png Enchant Item - 50.000 1x Elemental Ring.png
3) Use Object Open 25x Azrael's Chest.png Azrael's Chest 10x Mysterious Ruby Box.png
4) Destroy Metin Stones Destroy 1.000 metin stones. 10x Heroes Chest.png
5) Sell Object Sell to general store 1.000x Training Chest.png Training Chest 5x Locked chest Key.png
6) Upgrade Object Upgrade Souls Belt.png Souls Belt +8 to Souls Belt +9 10x Aura Fire Rune (250).png
7) Spend Yang Spent yang Yang.png (1kkk) 2x Nordic Chest.png
8) Destroy Object Destroy 500x Pet Book Chest.png Pet Book Chest 5x Sung Mahi Chest.png
9) Kill Monsters Kill 30.000 any type of monsters. x1 JadePhoenix.png
10) Complete Dungeons Finish 25x Dungeons x1 BattleLion.png
11) Battle Pass 02.2022 - x1 Cobra Outfit (m).png / x1 Cobra Outfit (f).png / x1 Cobra Hairstyle (m).png / x1 Cobra Hairstyle (f).png / x1 BattlePass Potion.png

Bonuses and Information about BattlePass item's

Image Item name Bonuses Time
Cobra Outfit (m).png Cobra Outfit (f).png Cobra Outfit Max. HP +1500

Strong against Monsters +15%
Strong against Metin Stones +10%

50 Days
Cobra Hairstyle (m).png Cobra Hairstyle (f).png Cobra Hairstyle Strong against Leaders +10%

Strong against Metin Stones +10%

50 Days
JadePhoenix.png Jade Phoenix Strong against Monsters +15%

Strong against Metins +15%
Strong against Leaders +15%

50 Days
BattleLion.png Battle Lion Strong against Monsters +15%

Strong against Metins +15%
Strong against Leaders +15%

50 Days
BattlePass Potion.png BattlePass Potion Strong against Monsters +10%

Resistance to Monster Attacks 5%
Attack Value +50

30 Days

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BattlePass Potion

BattlePass Potion BattlePass Potion.png, is a special potion from BattlePass, you can get this reward after you finish the BattlePass.

  • This potion is an effect BattlePass Effect.png and lasts for 30 days from the moment when all BattlePass missions are completed.