BattlePass August 2019

BattlePass Information

BattlePass ticket BattlePassTicket.png can be purchased from ItemShop.
Once purchased, with the help of BattlePass Ticket BattlePassTicket.png , you can activate it. After you enabled it, under minimap you will see BattlePass icon BattlePassIcon.png. BattlePassMiniMap.png

Once you clicked that button, BattlePass window will open.

BattlePass Mission & Reward's

Level Drop
1) Farm Yang x5 SpiderEggs.png
2) Collector x400 Cordraconis.png
3) Use Object x1 MedalOfDiligence.png
4) Catch Fishes x400 Enchantedplant.png
5) Sell Object x1 RingofJoy.png (3 Days) / x20 Enchant.png
6) Upgrade Object x200 Rafimentcrystal.png
7) Spend Yang x300 Finecloth.png
8) Kill the Leader x1 CrescentMoongRing.png (10 Days)
9) Damage Monsters x1 JadePhoenix.png (30 Days)
10) Complete Dungeons x1 BattleLion.png (50 Days)
11) Battle Pass 08.2019 x1 Steampunk Gear.png / x1 Steampunk Hat.png (30 Days)

Bonuses and Information about BattlePass item's

Image Item name Bonuses Time
Steampunk Gear.png Steampunk Gear (Black) Max. HP +1500

Strong against Monsters +15%
Strong against Metin Stones +10%

30 Days
Steampunk Hat.png Steampunk Hat (Black) Strong against Leaders +10%

Strong against Metin Stones +10%

30 Days
CrescentMoongRing.png Crescent Moon Ring Max. HP +1000

Strenght against Monsters +10%
Strong against Metins +10%

10 Days
RingofJoy.png Ring of Joy Strong against Metins +10%

Strenght against Monsters +10%

3 Days
BattleLion.png Battle Lion Strong against Monsters +15%

Strong against Metins +15%
Strong against Leaders +15%

50 Days
JadePhoenix.png Jade Phoenix Strong against Monsters +15%

EXP +20%
Strong against Leaders +15%

30 Days

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